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Wrestling Resurgence: A Nightmare On East Street: Saturday 16 March

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Saturday 16 March, 2024 Y Theatre, Leicester
Ticket to Wrestling Resurgence Arthouse Wrestling!

Host & Taskmaster: Gene Munny

Wrestling Resurgence Championship
Man Like Dereiss (C) vs Michael Oku
It’s true what they say: Dereiss really is on fire. The Lyrical Dragon has been tearing it up on both sides of the Atlantic, and now he seeks to cement his Resurgence title reign by calling out the hottest star in the UK scene. Fresh off an epic 47-minute victory over AEW star Will Ospreay, Oku will be the biggest challenge of Dereiss’s reign and his already-stellar 2024.. This is the pinnacle of British wrestling. This is your main event.

Arthouse Championship
Bullitt (C) vs Brady Phillips
Upon winning the Arthouse Championship in August, Bullitt laid out his artist’s statement: proper fights against the very best. The debuting Brady Phillips fits the bill perfectly – an explosive athlete who will push the big man to his limits. Welcome to town, kid! Get ready for a scrap.

Resurgence Tag Team Championship
Evil Shred: Skye Smitson & LA Taylor (C) vs M62 Wrecking Crew: Lizzy Evo & Alexxis Falcon
Evil Shred stunned the Y Theatre in November by taking the Tag Team Championships from the Munnywood Blondes, whose reign had only just been made official, and seemingly shattering the alternate reality of the Munnyverse in the process (don’t worry, we don’t understand this either)! But it’s straight down to business – Evo and Falcon may be smiling on the poster, but they’ll be exactly the kind of gritty test the new champs want.

Alex Windsor vs Mike Bird
The Iron Women tournament winner. The man who came agonisingly close to the Resurgence Championship in November. A wrestling ring, a referee, and a red-hot crowd. What more can you say other than yelling “banger” repeatedly? I guess we’ll do that. Banger! BANGER!!!

Charles Crowley vs Luke Jacobs
Having turned his back on the love of the Resurgence faithful, it seems that Charles Crowley is fully embracing the impish dark side that’s brought him controversy and infamy across the country. Expect shenanigans – but expect the bruising northerner Luke Jacobs to have something to say about that.

Taskmaster match: Hustle Malone vs Amira
Sorry, can we do this? Is this allowed? What? Fair use? Parody? Alright fine! This will be something. What that something will be will only be revealed once the envelopes are open. You might even say that all the information will be on the task. Featuring your guest host Gene Munny as the Taskmaster, because obviously. This is Hustle’s first night with us. Can’t wait to explain to him that it’s always like this

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Doors 6:00pm
First bell 6:30pm
Show finished by 9:30pm

No physical tickets issued, PayPal or Big Cartel confirmation for entry.