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Resurgence Fund - Arthouse Wrestling Vol.6


Image of Resurgence Fund - Arthouse Wrestling Vol.6


Due to the Covid-19/Corona Virus we have taken the decision to cancel Arthouse Wrestling Vol.6 on Saturday 25 April. The impact of the virus will have a profound effect on the events industry, including the freelance performers, creatives, artists and of course wrestlers who earn a living in the gig economy.

Wrestling Resurgence is very much a passion project for all of us behind the scenes and the company is run not for profit, so our principle concerns are for the wrestlers who risk everything to entertain us.

Sale will remain open. Any purchases will be treated as donation. The price of the tickets below will be added to Resurgence Fund. All money raised will be split evenly between the wrestlers, referees, camera crew, photographer and medic that were booked to work the show on Saturday 25 April.

We appreciate times are hard, only give what you feel you can.